instructor Professor Michael McDonald Asst. Professor of Finance, Fairfield University


Introductory Big Data Bootcamp
Join us for the Big Data Bootcamp, held in a private classroom NYC, and taught by the world renowned expert on Big Data, Professor Michael McDonald. This class examine advanced theories and ideas of Big Data, and how to apply emerging technologies.

Participants will receive 14 CPE credits.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your tuition.

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Big Data Class Outline

This two day in-depth course provides an introduction to Big Data and Predictive Analytics analysis. Participants will start by learning what Big Data is and how it can be used to improve business operations and financial performance. In day 1, participants will get hands-on experience with building datasets including gathering, merging, and cleaning Big Data databases. Additionally, the course covers checking datasets for potential problems or data integrity issues, and information governance. In day 2, the course covers using regression analysis, non-liner analysis, fixed effects analysis, and other forms of predictive statistical techniques. Datasets used in the course are focused on financial metrics such as sales and profitability, and on investment metrics like stock returns. Computers are required.

Target Audience

Business professionals, especially in the finance area who want to understand how data can be used to improve business and investment decision making. This course requires knowledge of basic finance concepts. Experience with financial markets is recommended but not required. A computer with Excel is required. Students should ensure that their Excel program has the Analysis Toolpak loaded (Check under File -> Options -> AddIns).

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and uses of Big Data in the business world today
  • Identify the terminology used in Big Data and quantitative analysis programs in general
  • Build a dataset based on gathering data from multiple sources and merging those databases into a single unified set
  • Clean a database through automated methods like winsorizing and evaluation of univariate metrics to determine accuracy of inputs
  • Build a dataset to enable forecasting of financial metrics
  • Identify key risk issues involved in Big Data and the role that information governance plays.
  • Identify the role of predictive analytics in business settings today.
  • Describe at a high level the theory behind predictive analytics and the settings in which the tools are useful
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of predictive analytics techniques
  • Build predictive analytics models using fixed effects analysis, random effects analysis, logit models, and censored Tobit models
  • Perform predictive analytics analysis to forecast returns on various investments




Learn all about Big Data in this exciting two-day class, and receive 14 CPE credits.


Come explore the newest developments in Big Data tactics, methods, and cutting edge technology.


Join your peers in this Big Data Class to discuss Big Data in each of your firms, discover new methods and ideas to utilize Big Data.
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